Skquares - Social Networking 2.0

We own several dating and social networking Apps and are working on the new Skquares Social Networking App that will connect people by common interests- but we are not finished yet!

In the meantime, tap one of these Skquare's Apps links to download and  join free on Google Play:

GYM Dating App

Date people into sports, fitness, and lookin good!  Meet gym buddies.  For Straight men and women

For Gay Men:

GYM Gay Dating & Hookups App.

UFO Dating App

Meet or Date others who were abducted by Aliens or believe in UFO's!  Get abduction support.

Patsi Lesbian Dating

For Women seeking Women.  Men are not allowed!

Bernie Sanders Dating App

Meet others who are fans of Bernie.  Date, find buddies.

Donald Trump Dating App

Date others who like Donald Trump!  Don't meet people that don't like him.

Zebra - Interracial Dating

Rugged Rodger

Date Blue Collar, Country men & women!

Firefighters, Police, Construction, Factory, Walmart workers

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